Barnabas Tew and the Case of the Cursed SerpentBarnabas Tew and the Case of the Cursed Serpent by Columbkill Noonan

Genre:  Historical cozy mystery, humour

Published by Crooked Cat Books on April 2, 2019

“For Queen, for Country, and for….Uncle Rabbit?”

Just when Barnabas and Wilfred thought the world was safe at last, along comes a new threat: the Mayan Lords of Death have hatched a plan to overthrow the natural order of things, involving a cursed serpent god, two untrustworthy sets of twins, and a dead bunny that must be resuscitated at all costs. Only Barnabas and Wilfred can possibly unravel the convoluted plot, but they face danger after danger as they attempt to do so. If they fail, up will be down and down will be up, and the evil Lords of Death will take over the heavens.

Do Barnabas and Wilfred have the courage, skill (and luck!) to save the world yet again?


This book is the third in the series and I would recommend reading the first two before starting this one. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on with these two Victorian Detectives and how they ended up in the ancient Mayan Civilization. The story is steeped in Mayan mythology and that really interested me. Barnabas and his sidekick, Wilfred suddenly appeared in the hut of Ixchel, Goddess of Healing living on Cozumel island. They are tasked with finding out who had made the feathered snake healer sick and how to make him better. That is the only way to resurrect the dead Uncle Bunny or the Gods of the Underworld (Xibalba) would take over the world.

This was a humorous story about a bumbling detective whose “Watson” in this case Wilfred, is actually the smart one in the duo. They need to deal with many Mayan gods, both good and bad to find the answers they are looking for as well as deal with many trials and tribulations along the way. The author has quite the imagination and the book has many humorous moments. The pace is quick and it was an easy read. I wish I had read the first two books in the series, which I think would have enhanced my enjoyment. The author has penned a fun and interesting story.

About the Author: Columbkill Noonan is the author of the bestselling “Barnabas Tew” series, which features the bumbling-yet-lovable Victorian detective Barnabas and his trusty sidekick, Wilfred. Columbkill combines her love of mythology and her affinity for period fiction to craft unique cozy mysteries that will leave you guessing (and chuckling!) till the very end.