All of the books I am reviewing in this post were ones that I read with my three year old granddaughter. I have tried to include her reactions to each story. Each of these books was received from Netgalley upon request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.

Happy Easter, Little Hoo! by [Ponnay, Brenda]

Happy Easter, Little Hoo! by Brenda Ponnay 

4 Stars

I enjoy reading the Little Hoo stories to my granddaughter and she loves the illustrations. With Easter coming up, this is the perfect book to read to your little ones. Momma Owl has hidden Easter Eggs all over the house for Little Hoo to find. My granddaughter and I found them together and used the positional words in the story. This is a huge bonus for me, as she is struggling with things like under, on, behind etc. We loved counting the eggs at that end of the story. Of course, she kept asking me if she could look for eggs and I had to explain that we had to wait for Easter. This is a fun, somewhat interactive story for toddlers with large, bright and colourful illustrations and a fun ending. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book upon my request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.


Little Hoo Has the Flu by Brenda Ponnay 

4 Stars

Another great Little Hoo story to share with my granddaughter. Everyone in both of our houses has been sick recently so we could certainly relate to this story. Little Hoo is sick and his mom takes care of him. When his friends come over to play, they find out he can’t come out to play because he is sick, so they return with a card and flowers to help him feel better. This is a short sweet story that we talked about and shared our own experiences about being sick. The illustrations always elicit discussion when reading the Little Hoo books. My granddaughter kept saying, “poor Little Hoo, he’s sick, I help him get better” and we would talk about how to make someone or yourself get better.


Good News! It’s Easter! by Glenys Nellist, Lizzie Walkley (Illustrations)

4 Stars

This is a very simple, yet cute book about all the new beginnings that happen in spring from flowers to trees and bunnies to chicks, we see new growth. The best beginning of all is the rebirth or resurrection of Jesus. My granddaughter enjoyed this one and loved the illustrations. She liked being able to help “read the story” because she knew the animals as well as knowing that the person at the end was Jesus. He told me she talks about him at church with Reverend Lisa. The interesting thing to me was that the word Easter, is not mentioned in the story. This would be a great book to put in a young child’s Easter basket.

The Vanishing Baseball Cap: A Fox and Goat Mystery by Misti Kenison 

3.5 Stars

A Fox and Goat Mystery series is a great one for little ones. They are detectives and through investigation discuss colour, size, shape, texture etc. to describe the missing object. In this story they also learn about different occupations using headgear. It is a mystery for our youngest book lovers as well as teaching them investigative questioning and descriptions. Lots of new vocabulary in a fun way. The illustrations are simple and large to support the text. My granddaughter liked answering the question, “Is that the hat?” that started each two-page spread. The only word we didn’t like was aviator, we wanted to call it a pilot. A great book for any preschool, kindergarten classroom or home library.

So that is it for today. The kids are over again tomorrow, so I might have more reviews of kid’s books in a few days.