So maybe some of these reviews are not so mini, but I really liked these books. They all have something to do with animal rescue, saving pets, training pets etc. One is not a chapter book, but it fit the theme so well that I included it with this group. As a retired teacher and teacher librarian, I liked all the books in this group and would have purchased them for my school library. I received a copy of each of these books from the publisher upon request. The ratings, ideas and opinions shared are my own.

ASPCA Kids Pet Rescue Club Collection by Catherine Hapka

ASPCA Kids Pet Rescue Club Collection: Best of Dogs and Cats by Catherine Hapka, Dana Regan and Steven James  (Illustrations)

Published September 4th 2018 by SFI Readerlink Dist

This is a cute, enjoyable beginning chapter book about rescuing animals. Four friends start a club called The Pet Rescue Club. Their goal is to help pets, some are lost, some need a new home and some are looking for foster families. Using their technology skills, word of mouth and sometimes just plain nosiness, they help three different animals in this book. Sometimes they rescue humans too. Janey, Lolli, Adam and Zach, form The Pet Rescue Club and try to find the abandoned dog. When these animal-loving fourth graders discover how many animals need help in their suburban hometown, they can’t just sit by and do nothing. I love their innovative approaches to solving the problems, they are willing to try anything to save these animals.

If you are looking for a good book to give a young reader who loves animals, this would be an excellent choice. It is both inspiring and informative. The stories are also based on real animals. These stories could have turned out to be very sad. From animals that are no longer wanted due to behaviour, babies in the family, moving etc. to a large dog that is injured accidentally, these stories could happen in any community and there are good lessons for young people who will be our future pet owners. And the illustrations were great. They were fun, cute and really showed the personalities of the animals. The final bonus is that by buying this book you are also helping to rescue pets. 5-7% of the purchase price of every ASPCA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Pet Rescue Club book goes directly to the ASPCA® A definite addition to my family library and I recommend it to families, schools, public libraries and classroom teachers.


The Say Yes Ranch Stories

The Say Yes Ranch Stories by Melanie Parker

Published July 20th 2018 by BookBaby

The Say Yes Ranch Stories is a collection of nine stories told from nine different animals point of view. Each of the animals on the Say Yes Ranch are there after dealing with some kind of challenge and being rescued. The stories they tell are about their adventures on the ranch. Each story is short (a few pages in length) accompanied by a large picture of the animals. They are often humorous and had me smiling. This would make a great book to read to children before bed, one story a night. The book also has the underlying message of animal rescue, proper treatment of animals and finding out if something happened to cause certain behaviours. I recommend this book to children who love animals and ages 8 to 12. A great addition to any library.


Truman the Dog

Truman the Dog by Debbi Michiko Florence, Melanie Demmer (Illustrations)

Expected publication: August 1st 2019 by Picture Window Books

Truman the Dog is the first in The My Furry Foster Family series, where a young girl named Kaita and her family foster a dog named Truman. This is a nice early chapter book for those who like animals. Truman is a black Labrador who needs a new home. The Happy Tails Rescue have asked Kaita’s family to foster him while a new home is found. It is not easy to find new homes for older animals. He is shy at first, but Kaita and Ollie The dachshund are able to bring him out of his shell and make him feel at home. Truman has some problems with abandonment and when left alone, he finds trouble, but the family are able to figure out how to help Truman. They finally find the perfect forever home for him. My only issue is that Kaita is pretty good about letting Truman go to his new family after getting pretty attached to him. I am not sure if an eight year old would give him up so easily. Having said that, this is an absolutely charming story about loving and rescuing dogs and all you will get back from them. The illustrations are colourful and cute. I just wish there were more of them. With this being a beginning chapter book, I think early readers rely on illustrations to help them with the context of the story. I do recommend this one to schools and classrooms as well as public library. There are several in this series and I believe this would be a winner with young animal lovers.


Most Valuable Puppy by Carol Kim, Felia Hanakata (illustrator)

Expected publication: September 1st 2019 by Flux, Jolly Fish Press

Most Valuable Puppy is an enjoyable early reader chapter book about siblings Shawn and Kat. Their friends Mitchell and Sasha have an overactive Jack Russell named Bouncer. Their parents have told them that they might have to give him back if they can’t train him. He is constantly misbehaving. When the family goes out of town, Shawn and Kat ask their parents if they can open a “Doggie Day Care” to earn money and help their friends. What they discover is that B0uncer has so much energy that they need to figure out how to help him burn it off. Through a little bit of trial and error and observing his abilities, they are able to figure out what he is good at and what he enjoys to give him a “job” that will keep him out of trouble. They had some fun adventures with Bouncer. Readers will learn about the many responsibilities watching or owning pets can require, as well as the richness they can bring to your life. There is also some information about the Korean culture shared in this story. The illustrations are cute and really add to the story. A great book for animal lovers. This would be a wonderful story to read when a family is trying to decide about getting a pet. Having had a Jack Russell Terrier for 16 years, I can totally relate to the energy level of Bounce.


Madeline Finn and the Shelter Dog

Madeline Finn and the Shelter Dog by Lisa Papp 

Expected publication: March 1st 2019 by Peachtree Publishers

My grandson loved Madeline Finn and the library dog, so I know he will love this one even more. Madeline gets a puppy and names it Star. She tells Star she loves her, reads to her, plays with her and covers her with her blanket when she sleeps. When she visits the shelter with Mrs. Dimple and her dog Bonnie, she sees a lot of lonely and uncomfortable jobs. She gets to work to help rectify the situation. I love the large, vibrant illustrations that accompany the story. Not only does this book encourage reading, but also teaches about rescuing animals from the shelters and how much love those animals have to give their owners. A definite must for family, school, classroom and public libraries.