My Favorite Pet: Ponies

My Favorite Pet: Ponies

by Victoria Marcos

4 Stars

Victoria Marcos has written many books in the “My Favorite Animal” series, and is now writing “My Favorite Pet” series. These books follow a similar make up. There are some great facts and wonderful photographs of Ponies to illustrate the information. This book teaches children about caring for ponies, what they enjoy eating, and where they live. There are also some fun and easy quizzes to review and reinforce what was read. This is a fun series for very young readers, and the layout is interesting, with questions throughout for readers to discuss with adults. A good non-fiction book for young readers and listeners to learn about ponies. The relatively easy and repetitive text makes this a great reader for beginning readers to develop their confidence. The back of the book has a table of contents and glossary to assist children in the reading and understanding of the book. This would make a nice addition to class and school libraries. The publisher, Xist Publishing, generously provided me with a copy of this book to read. The rating, ideas and opinions are my own.


Around The World in Every Vehicle

Around The World in Every Vehicle

by Amber StewartDuncan Beedie (Illustrations)

3 Stars

I grabbed this book because I have a grandson who loves cars, trucks, planes and boats. The Van Go family (a family of red pandas) has decided to go around the world for summer break.

The illustrations are a fun and cute cartoon style that kids should find interesting, but they are so busy and I found them a bit distracting. The family started their trip by driving their blue van across Europe from England to Turkey. They take rides on buses, metros and boats as they tour cities they stop in, as well as having a book or journal to compare things such as taxis in various countries. They also take planes and other transport methods as they go beyond Europe. My complaint was that there was too much tied up in this little book. Things were mentioned and there was a small picture but then they moved on. I would have loved to have seen them in a rickshaw or tuk-tuk in India, and I can’t believe the creators passed up those opportunities. I really don’t think this book lived up to its title. Despite these areas of disappointment, the book does introduce many types of transportation all over the world. My grandson wanted to know what the various types of transportation were called and used for, if I had ever used them, if he would ever get the chance to ride in them, but he was not really interested in this story. This is not one I would necessarily recommend. The publisher, Quarto Publishing Group – QEB, generously provided me with a copy of this book. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.


Knock Knock Boo Who? by Brenda Ponnay

Knock Knock Boo Who? (Illustrated Knock Knock Jokes for Kids)

by Brenda Ponnay

4.5 Stars

My grandson loved this book. He tells the corniest jokes, many that his Nono tells him, then he repeats them, often incorrectly and laughs like he is hilarious. He thought the jokes in this short and cute book were also hilarious. I am not sure if he go them all or not, but with the cute illustrations, it was a hit for sure. The book is centred around Hallowe’en but can be enjoyed year round. Overall, I would recommend this book to children, but warn their parents ahead of time, these jokes might be repeated over and over and over and over……. The publisher, Xist Publishing, generously provided me with a copy of this book upon my request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.


My Favorite Animal: Frogs by [Marcos, Victoria]

My Favorite Animal: Frogs

by  Victoria Marcos

4 Stars

Victoria Marcos is the author of several non-fiction series beginning with “My Favorite”. I really enjoy reading them to my grandchildren. This book has some great photos and facts about frogs. It is geared to young children (4 to 8) so they can learn about frogs and it does just that. It is simple with just enough information that it will not overwhelm them. They will hear about where they live, their bodies, what they ear etc. There is some difficult vocabulary in this book that the younger listeners will need an explanation for, but primary students learning about animals and the various classification of them (mammals, birds, amphibians etc.) should be okay with it. I think this is a great book and series for a school library. There are many young children who do not want to read fiction and this series would definitely give them something to read as they are developing their skills. I can see this peaking a reader’s interest enough that they search and read more. The publisher, Xist Publishing, generously provided me with a copy of this book upon request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.


Buzzing Bees: A 4D Book

Buzzing Bees: A 4D Book

by Melissa Higgins

4 Stars

I enjoyed this book and couldn’t believe how much I learned. My grandson, was actually a bit scared of the book as he does not like bees. He was quite interested in learning that there are bees that do not sting. Many books about bees focus on honey bees, but this book showcases 12 different types of bees from around the world. Each two page spread provides information such as habitats, colonies, what they eat. to they sting, size and general global distribution. Most types of bees are illustrated with color images and close-ups. There is some general information about bees as well. Readers will learn many new scientific vocabulary terms in this book, which are defined well in the glossary at the back of the book. If you are looking for a book to introduce the types of bees to children, this is an excellent book to use. This is another non-fiction book that would appeal to younger readers, especially those who do not want to read fiction (i.e. boys in particular because they love bugs). A great addition to any library or primary/junior classroom. There is an app that connects to this book that will enhance what is included, but as this was an ebook, I was not able to use this function. The publisher, Capstone, generously provided me with a copy of this book upon request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.