I am participating in a readathon for the month of November hosted by James J. Cudney on This is My Truth Now.  We are reading the first four books in  Renaissance Faire cozy mysteries by Joyce and Jim Lavene.

I read the first book back in 2015, so had to skim it to remember what it was about. Below is my review from the first time I read it. I added a few new thoughts to the end.

3253308Wicked Weaves (A Renaissance Faire Mystery #1)

4 Stars: This is the first book in the Renaissance Faire mystery series. The main character in this book is Jessie Morton. She is a professor who is earning her doctorate. Every summer she works at the Renaissance Faire and apprentices to different people to learn everything she can about the period and the crafts. This year she is working with Mary Shift, a master basket-weaver. When Mary’s ex-husband turns up dead outside her shop, she is the prime suspect. The fact that nobody knew she had ever been married or had a son added to the mystery. As days go on and Jessie and Chase, the town ballif and her new boyfriend try to figure out who the murderer is. When Mary disappears, Jessie thinks she knows what is going on. I really enjoyed this series. The characters were a hoot as they acted in character during the story. It was funny, romantic and there was a mystery, what else could you ask for. I am definitely going to look for the next one in the series.

Additions in 2018: The mystery in this book, was not front and centre, the story was very much about the setting of the Renaissance Faire. Learning about the many crafts and jobs of the time will be covered over the next few books. This one was about basket-weaving. As I have become an avid reader of cozy fiction over the last few years, I would definitely not rate this book as high now as I did three years ago, I would probably give it 3 stars now. The pacing of this book was very halting. You start getting into the flow, then the chapter ends. I shall see how the next one goes.  I also want to mention that since I read this book, both Jim and Joyce Lavene have passed on. They were prolific writers in the cozy mystery genre and have many followers of their books. Rest in Peace Jim and Joyce Lavene.