Switched (Fairy Tale Reform School #4)4 Stars

My Review: This was another wonderful adventure with Gilly and the other students at Fairy Tale Reform School. In this story, the new library is opened. The books are magical and many are off limits without special permission. Prince Sebastian (aka The Beast) and his wife Beauty are in charge of the library with the help of many fairies. Their daughter also comes with them and she and Gilly become friends. Anna, Gilly’s sister is still missing and Gilly is obsessed with finding and rescuing her. Jack, another new student also becomes friends with Gilly. They have a very similar background and both have family members with Rumpelstiltskin. When Gilly gets the chance to head up to Cloud City where she is hoping to rescue her sister, she takes up. All her friends join her in this adventure. Will things turn out the way they hoped? Will they rescue Anna and Jack’s family? Will they capture Rumpelstiltskin?

There is an undertone about bullying in this story as well as judging people by their appearance, title etc. There is also some discussion about trust, which is an issue in everyone’s lives, not just children. There is a lot more magic in this book and not as much figuring out puzzles, but that does not matter in this story. This book is another great addition to this series for middle grade readers. I would recommend reading these books in order as there is often cliffhangers as there is in this one. I am looking forward to reading Misfits, the next in this series. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.

Synopsis: Things at Fairy Tale Reform School are great. Rumpelstiltskin has been ousted, and everyone is buzzing about the fact that Beauty and Prince Sebastian (a.k.a. the Beast) have joined the teaching staff. Everyone, that is, except Gilly, who can’t seem to focus on anything but Anna. How is it that her beloved sister somehow went bad and joined up with Rump? And why doesn’t anyone seem to care? Sure, the Royal Court says they’re working on it, but they’ve got exactly nothing to show for it.

But when new kid Jack joins FTRS with tales of his own family being snatched by Rump, Gilly knows she’s in good company. Jack wants answers, just like Gilly. And if the Royal Court can’t get the job done, then maybe it’s time to break some rules…

Published March 6th 2018 by Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
Hardcover, 304 pages
Kindle Edition, 306 pages
Jen CalonitaAbout the Author: It’s no secret how Jen Calonita knows the inside scoop on Hollywood. A former entertainment editor at a teen magazine, Jen started out her career chronicling backstage life at concerts with Justin Timberlake and interviewing Zac Efron on film sets. It was her work in the entertainment world that inspired her first series, Secrets of My Hollywood Life. The six-book series about a teen starlet named Kaitlin Burke who grew weary of the fame game, but loved being an actress was published in nine countries. Jen’s other young adult novels include Sleepaway Girls and Summer State of Mind (since she was a camp counselor as a teen), Reality Check and Belles, which is about two polar opposite girls who share one life-altering secret. Her latest young adult book, Turn It Up,is about a girls’ high school acapella group.In her first middle grade series, Fairy Tale Reform School, readers explore a school run by Cinderella’s formerly wicked stepmother. The series (Flunked, Charmed, Tricked, and Switched, which will be released March 2018) are told from spunky young former thief, Gillian Cobbler. In Jen’s other middle grade series, VIP readers get a diary-eye look at life on the road with the world’s biggest boy band as told by their number one fan, Mackenzie Lowell. (If you’re wondering where Jen got that idea, go back and reread the first paragraph of this bio!)