Wild Worldby Angela McAllisterHvass&Hannibal (Illustrations)

Hardcover, 32 pages
Published March 1st 2018 by Wide Eyed Editions
4.5 Stars


My Review: This is a beautifully illustrated book showing ecosystems that are in danger throughout the world. Each of them is described using freeform poetry. There are thirteen described in total. The description includes animals that live there, as well as some of the plants and the climate. You could spend time on each page looking at the various life depicted. This would fit in perfectly with an ecosystem or environmental unit, as it provides the additional level of addressing how climate change has affected each of these ecosystems. The back of the book has further information about each of the ecosystems and what they provide to the world. There is also a final call to the reader about finding out what they can do to protect the ecosystems. This would lead into further research and possible projects or presentations. A wonderful book for all family, public, class and school libraries. The text form is not one that I prefer, but it is informative without sounding text bookish. The publisher provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley. These are my own honest opinions.

Synopsis: Hot, wet rainforest.
What is hidden below your green roof?
A steamy shadow-land
Of strangle-vines, scrambling
for a shaft of light,
Lush leaves searching for a
glimmer in the gloom . . .

A beautifully illustrated treasury of poems about the last wildernesses on Earth, from the crystal kingdom Arctic to the dusty savannah and the black-as-space deep sea. Stunning artwork brings 13 endangered habitats to life, while factual information at the back details the danger facing these incredible places.