If the Haunting Fits, Wear It (Haunted Vintage Mystery #5)by Rose Pressey

Mass Market Paperback, 287 pages
Published June 27th 2017 by Kensington Publishing Corporation
3.5 Stars

Synopsis: As fashion maven Cookie Chanel tracks a murderer at the Kentucky Derby, all bets are off
When Cookie Chanel lands a dream assignment of providing vintage hats for a high-society Kentucky Derby party, she s brimming with excitement. Leaving her mother and best friend to mind the store at It s Vintage Y All, Cookie packs up her psychic cat and races to Kentucky. But before she can hang her hat, her enthusiasm is dampened when the rider of the potential Derby-winning horse is put out to pasture. Now she s saddled with the jockey s ghost, who insists she find his killer. With suspects ranging from an odds-on favorite to a dark horse, Cookie may just find herself in a dead heat before the photo finish…
Don t Miss Cookie Chanel s Fashion Tips

My Review: Cookie Chanel, owns a vintage clothing store, “It’s Vintage, Y’all”. Her best friend, Heather owns the occult shop adjoining her building. Heather helps Cookie deal with the ghosts that seem to follow her around and need her help in the books. In the last book, we found out that Windsong, Cookie’s cat, shares its body with the spirit of her grandmother. Windsong communicates with Cookie using a Ouija board and Tarot cards that Heather has to interpret. The stories are fun and once again Charlotte, the first ghost to appear to Cookie, is present in all her sassy glory. to Cookie by moving a planchette around a Ouija board. This book introduces us to two new ghosts, Maureen and Ramon.

In this story, Cookie has been hired to provide vintage outfits for her friend Danielle for events during Derby Week. While searching in an attic for vintage hats, she meets the ghost of Maureen, the previous owner of the house and the fashions. She was murdered and attaches herself to Cookie hoping she can find her killer. Maureen, joins Cookie, Charlotte and Windsong on the trip to Kentucky. Of course, Cookie stumbles upon a dead body at the opening party, and the ghost of Ramon, one of the derby jockeys joins the group. Charlotte convinces Cookie to investigate his death for Ramon. While working for Danielle giving advice about vintage fashion, trying to solve the crime of Ramon’s death she also juggles the two men interested in her that have shown up from Sugar Creek. Unfortunately, someone doesn’t want her investigating the death. Threats and strange men come Cookie’s way as she tries to discover who killed Ramon. Of course she is also working on Maureen’s death with the help of Heather and her mother at home.

I enjoyed this addition to the series. There were plenty of twists and turns and with the various suspects in the murder, it made it hard to figure out who the culprit was. I did figure out the murderer before the reveal but it was still interesting to see who else was involved and why. All in all, a fun read and I look forward to the next book! The Haunted Vintage Mystery series is a fun, quirky cozy mystery series. Each book is filled with lighthearted humor, interesting plots, and likable characters. The characters are charming and fun. I do not usually read a lot of paranormal cozy mysteries, but this series seems different and is very enjoyable. I enjoy the humor, vintage clothing tips, the quirkiness of the characters and situations as well as the mystery. I recommend this book and series to any cozy mystery lover. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.