The Identicalsby Elin Hilderbrand

Hardcover, 432 pages
Published June 13th 2017 by Little, Brown and Company
4.5 Stars

Synopsis: From New York Times bestselling author Elin Hilderbrand, a summertime story about identical twins who couldn’t be any less alike.
Nantucket is only two and a half hours away from Martha’s Vineyard by ferry. But the two islands might as well be worlds apart for a set of identical twin sisters who have been at odds for years. When a family crisis forces them to band together–or at least appear to–the twins slowly come to realize that the special bond that they share is more important than the sibling rivalry that’s driven them apart for the better part of their lives. A touching depiction of all the pleasures and annoyances of the sibling relationship, Elin Hilderbrand’s next New York Times bestseller, THE IDENTICALS proves once and for all that just because twins look exactly the same doesn’t mean they’re anything alike. 

My Review: Identical twin sisters Tabitha and Harper have been estranged for the past 14 years, when Tabitha’s infant son died. Prior to that, when the girls were 17 their parents divorces. Harper went to live with their father, Billy on Martha’s Vineyard and Tabitha went to live with their mother, Eleanor in Boston and on Nantucket. The other main character is Ainsley, Tabitha’s precocious sixteen year old daughter. All three of these females are flawed and as the story unfolds we find out what happened in their past that contributed to who they are. When Harper and Tabitha were split apart they lived with very different parents. Eleanor was a debutante who became a famous designer. She is haughty, stuck up and a perfectionist. Billy was an electrician who was very good at his job. He is sociable and very laid back. The book opens with Billy dying of congenital heart failure which brings this family back together for his memorial service. This forces many decisions, life changes and confrontations that move the story along once you get past the introductions.

When the story begins, the plot is a bit slow, but do not quit reading. Once I got into this story, I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. I also did not like the four main women in this story at the beginning. Again, as the story progressed the transformations they all had were wonderful and believable. There is some drama, some romance and wonderful settings that Elin Hildenbrand is know for. A great family drama that many readers will enjoy. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.