A Good Day to Buy (Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mystery #4)by Sherry Harris

Paperback, 311 pages
Published April 25th 2017 by Kensington Publishing Corporation
4.5 Stars

When Sarah Winston’s estranged brother Luke shows up on her doorstep, asking her not to tell anyone he’s in town—especially her ex, the chief of police—the timing is strange, to say the least. Hours earlier, Sarah’s latest garage sale was taped off as a crime scene following the discovery of a murdered Vietnam vet and his gravely injured wife—her clients, the Spencers.

All Luke will tell Sarah is that he’s undercover, investigating a story. Before she can learn more, he vanishes as suddenly as he appeared. Rummaging through his things for a clue to his whereabouts, Sarah comes upon a list of veterans and realizes that to find her brother, she’ll have to figure out who killed Mr. Spencer. And all without telling her ex . . .

My Review: Sherry Harris does it again in this latest addition to the Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mystery series. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, in fact, it is the best I have read so far. If you have not visited Ellinton Massachusetts in this series, it is time you did.

Sarah Winston is divorced from ex-military, now Sheriff, C.J. They have begun dating again and it seems a remarriage may be in the future. While running her latest garage sale at the Spencers, she discovers Mr. Spencer, a veteran, dead in the garage and his wife unconcious on the floor beside him. When she returns home that day, she answers her door only to find her estranged brother Luke standing there. As CJ investigates the crime, Luke becomes a suspect in the murder when his fingerprints are found in the garage. Of course, this causes Sarah to begin her own investigation to exonerate her brother. As another body turns up, Sarah once again finds herself in danger. When she begins to have suspicions about a group of visitors to the town, CJ tries to get her to stop her questions and interference. Will she be able to find the true murderer? What is Luke really involved in? Will Sarah and CJ proceed to the next step in their relationship?

The plot is well paced, and the characters are well developed. It is easy to get a good sense of Sarah through her interactions with the other characters. She continues to be loyal and stand up for thsoe she cares about. She is honest and not afraid to turn in her brother if she finds evidence that he did kill Mr. Spencer. I did not have any idea who the murderer was and the twist at the end of the story was very good. At the end of the book there are some tips for yard sale buyers and sellers. I thoroughly enjoyed this cozy mystery. I recommend this book to cozy mystery lovers out there. This is a good series. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.