The Killing Game (Nowhere, #5)by Nancy Bush

Published June 28th 2016 by Zebra

4.5 Stars

Synopsis: From New York Times bestselling author Nancy Bush comes a tense, intricately plotted novel of suspense, as one woman becomes the focus of a killer’s warped game of revenge and murder.
The Rules Are Simple:
It’s the ultimate test of strategy and skill. The killer chooses each opponent carefully, learning each one’s weaknesses. Every meticulously planned move is leading to a devastating checkmate. Because in this game, all the pretty pawns must die.
First You Play
Andi Wren is fighting to keep her late husband’s company safe from vindictive competitors. When she receives an ominous note, Little birds must fly, she turns to P.I. Luke Denton. But though Luke has personal reasons for wanting to take down Wren Development’s opponents, his investigation suggests this is deeper and far more dangerous than a business grudge.
Then You Die. . .
In a basement on the outskirts of town, police detectives unearth piles of skeletons. As they learn the shocking truth about each victim’s identity, their case collides with Andi’s, revealing a killer’s ruthless plot and a chilling, lethal endgame. . .

My Review: Nancy Bush’s, The Killing Game, is a wonderful mystery, suspenseful thriller with a little bit of romance thrown in. This book had me on the edge of my seat and it was just at the ending when the killer was revealed that I finally figured it out. For me, that makes a great book.

There are two parallel stories going on in this book and they finally curve toward one another and the solution comes fast and furious at that point. Andrea (Andi) Wren is a recent widow who is still reeling from her husband’s death and infidelity. She is fighting with her brother-in-law about the direction the family business, Wren Construcion, is going to take. She is the majority stock owner and does not want to deal with the ruthless Carerra brothers. There is suspicion that they were responsible for her husband’s death. When Andi starts getting strange notes about birds that appear threatening, she hires Lucas Denton to investigate the Carerra’s as well as to give her personal protection. As the story progresses, it becomes apparent that Andi is not being threatened by the Carerra’s but that she appears to have a stalker, a deadly serial killer who targets women who have bird names. With Luke as well as two female detectives on the hunt, how long will it take to discover how the cased intersect and who is after Andi.

Enter P.I. Luke Denton, former cop, and one determined sleuth. Who is sending the notes? What do they mean?

There are a lot of characters in this book, yet I had no trouble keeping track of them. Andi is a strong female character that shows her mettle when the chips are down. Luke is a great investigator, smart, loyal and good-looking to boot. He is a great partner in the mystery to Andi. The villian is wonderfully written. I could feel his evil coming off the pages. Add to the mix, a competitive and underhanded adversary in the building trade, millions of dollars at stake and what is the connection between these women and this twisted tale earns its mystery title. I will now have to go back and read the first 4 books in this series. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.