Grilled For Murder by Maddie Dayby Maddie Day aka Edith Maxwell

Published May 31st 2016 by Kensington

4.5 Stars

Robbie Jordan may have had reservations about the murder victim, but she still needs to turn up the heat on a killer if she wants to keep her new restaurant open for business…

In the charming small town of South Lick, Indiana, Robbie has transformed a rundown country store into the runaway hit Pans ‘N Pancakes. But the most popular destination for miles around can also invite trouble. Erica Shermer may be the widow of handsome local lawyer Jim Shermer’s brother, but she doesn’t appear to be in mourning. At a homecoming party held in Robbie’s store, Erica is alternately obnoxious and flirtatious–even batting her eyelashes at Jim. When Erica turns up dead in the store the next morning, apparently clobbered with cookware, the police suspect Robbie’s friend Phil, who closed up after the party. To clear Phil and calm her customers, Robbie needs to step out from behind the counter and find the real killer in short order…
Includes Recipes for You to Try!

My Review: This is the second installation in the Country Store Mystery series and it was as enjoyable as the first one. A 4.5 rounded up to 5 stars. Robbie Jordan has had her country store/country restaurant open for a couple of months and she is as busy as ever. She has kept her place open on a Saturday night for a Welcome Home Party for Erica Shermer. Erica was recently widowed and she is back in town. Her parents threw her this party, but everyone is not happy with Erica. During the party there are some rumbles, some arguments and some ill will. When Robbie gets up in the morning, her store is cold and she realizes the window in the door is broken. When she goes to check it out, she finds Erica, dead on the floor of her shop. Why was Erica back at the restaurant? Who killed her? There is no shortage of suspects in this case. Of course Robbie investigates, afterall the victim was found in her store and she can’t resist solving puzzles.

I love these characters. Robbie, her aunt Adele and her beau Samuel, Danna her assistant, Phil her best friend, Abe and his brother Don and of course Jim, Robbie’s beau. They are all back and as wonderful to one another as before. It is great to be in a small town where everyone sort of knows one another and wants you to succeed. The new characters are just as fun and make wonderful suspects. The mystery of who killed Erica is well done, giving us a steady dose of clues and suspects until we reach the logical and suspenseful end. Robbie’s personal life takes a turn and I couldn’t help rooting for her. Another great book by Maddie Day, now to read the next one. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.