Finding Shelter by Jesse Freidinby Jesse Freidin

Expected publication: April 1st 2017 by Lyons Press

5 Stars

Synopsis: The healing, beauty, and joy of the animal shelter system Without volunteers, our nation’s animal shelter system simply would not exist. Volunteers speak for those that cannot speak, pick up the pieces for abandoned animals that have been let down by previous owners or unfortunate circumstances, and do whatever it takes to heal the deepest of wounds.In Finding Shelter, award-winning photographer Jesse Freidin shows the softer side of this story. He witnessed firsthand how many of the volunteers were able to mend their own emotional hurts with the love the shelter animals gave back to them, and how the power of these relationships transforms shelters into places where humans and animals can heal together. This realization propelled him to take a two-year journey across the country to document the tenderness and healing, beauty and joy he encountered within the shelter system. The result is a heartwarming inspiration for people to look differently at how to save shelter pets. In Finding Shelter, Freidin sparks a new discussion about animal rescue and what it feels like to truly love an animal.

My Review: In Finding Shelter, award-winning photographer Jesse Freidin showcases volunteers who work at various animal shelters around the United States. In sharing the stories of the volunteers, it also highlights the need for volunteers, foster homes as well as people and families willing to adopt rescues and strays. The volunteers range from teens to retirees. They are singles, couples and families. The book also tells the stories of several dogs that were brought into the shelters and the problems they have with being adopted and finding their forever home. The photographs of the dogs and volunteers grab your heart and make you want to hug them all. I do not understand how anyone can read this book and look at these photos and not have strong feelings about them. When I finally have to put my 16 year old dog down, I think I will check out the Humane Society in my community and see if they need volunteers. If you are an animal lover and are looking for some kind of volunteer work, I challenge you to check out the shelter or Humane Society in your community. The photographs in this book are amazing. They show people and dogs in everyday activities whether it is playing, getting ready for a walk or just sitting patiently. They are not airbrushed, they show these wonderful animals warts and all. I loved them all. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.