Crossroads in Galileeby Elizabeth Raum

Published August 2016 by BJU Press/JourneyForth

4.5 Stars

Synopsis: Crossroads in Galilee lets you choose your journey as three children observe the life of Jesus and his followers. Every choice made changes the outcome of the story. Join these children as they learn about Jesus of Nazareth. When one journey ends, a new one awaits.

My Review: Do you remember the “Choose Your Own Adventure books”? Crossroads in Galilee is a “Choose Your Journey” book. It is the same idea where the reader chooses a character and then within the journey, makes a decision that determines what direction the story will take. You can be A Boy From the Vineyard, The Fisherman’s Sister or The Tax Collectors Brother. Each character has a different story, so I would recommend that you read the book as each of the characters. Depending upon the choice you make, you can read this book over and over learning something different each time. Some endings are happy and some not so happy. The goal is that the reader will learn something about the life and lessons of Jesus as well as gain more understanding of the Bible stories, and an increase in Faith and Trust in Jesus. The stories were accurately retold from the Bible, with a fresh new twist.

This is a great concept to teach the stories of the Bible. Kids will love exploring life in Jesus’ time and all the choices the people could have made. It is a fun way for kids to learn Bible history without even realizing it. I liked the sections at the end of the book. There is a section that could be used for discussion; Real Life Decisions, a glossary, a list of bible passages that compliment each of the journeys as well as a section that might answer questions called What Bible Experts Say. This is a wonderful book for a church library, Sunday School classrooms and Christian family libraries.