Murder Wears White (Wedding Planner Mystery #2)by Stephanie Blackmoore

Published January 31st 2017 by Kensington Publishing Corporation

4.5 Stars

Synopsis: Mallory Shepard s wedding planning business is off to a shaky start when a member of the bridal family drops dead at a food tasting . . .”
Mallory hopes to unveil her new B&B just in time for her first ceremony as a wedding planner. The renovations to Thistle Park the mansion she inherited in small-town Port Quincy, Pennsylvania are almost complete. But what Mallory didn t plan on is the bride s aunt being poisoned at the wedding tasting and her perfect venue becoming a crime scene.
Adding to the mystery is the discovery that this is not the first murder in the bridal family, and as Mallory becomes engaged in her own investigation she learns the man convicted of the crime may not be guilty. Now she has two crimes to solve before the bride walks down the aisle but a killer has other plans to ensure that Mallory forever holds her peace . . .
My Review: Murder Wears White is the second book in the “Wedding Planners Mystery” series. I thoroughly enjoyed this follow-up to Engaged To Murder. The action did not stop from the beginning to the end.

Mallory Shepard is looking forward to getting the renovations completed on her inherited home, Thistle Park. In the first book, she was bequeathed the home by the grandmother of her ex-fiancee. He was not happy to say the least and he is still trying to sabotage Mallory’s new life in this book. Mallory’s plan is to open a B&B as well as continue her Wedding Planning Business, using Thistle Park to host weddings. Whitney Scanlon, her first client and wedding is in the planning stages when the wedding date gets moved up due to the bride’s father’s health. The contractor hopes he can get things done in time, but there are complications. It seems there might be a ghost on the premises who is sabotaging the work, stealing equipment and materials and scaring off the help. Mallory’s sister, Rachel, has asked Hunter Heywood of the Port Quincy Paranormal Society to come in to check for any ghosts in the home. At the same time, Whitney is having issues as well. She is getting anonymous notes and her room is trashed along with her wedding dress. Then there is the mystery of the murder twenty years earlier of Whitney’s mother. The notes say, the person convicted is not guilty. Garrett, Mallory’s beau, was the defense attorney in that case and he also feels Eugene is innocent. When there is a murder at Thistle Park, Mallory thinks everything is tied together and tries to solve the various mysteries. With the help of three Westies, Mallory puts herself in danger while trying to sort things out and save her not even opened business.

The author once again provides the reader with a well-plotted and told story with an enjoyable and believable cast of characters. Mallory’s mother shows up in this book and she is a hoot. I enjoyed getting to know her. The relationship of Mallory and Garrett develops further in this book, yet in a slow and realistic way. I love how Mallory takes the bull by the horns and doesn’t let her sister talk her into too much, but it is obvious the girls love each other and have a great relationship. A couple of the storylines were a little out there, but for the most part, the story was believable. I am looking forward to the next book in this series. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.