The Wolf and His Shadowby Thierry Robberecht, Stéphanie Frippiat (Illustrations)

Published October 11th 2016 by Clavis

4.5 Stars

Synopsis: Wolf is afraid, especially of his own shadow.
It’s big and black, and it has really big teeth.
Wolf is embarrassed.
The other wolves will surely make fun of him!
But one day, by a stroke of luck, Wolf discovers
that his shadow can be very useful too….

A moving story about a wolf who overcomes his fears.
For brave (and not so brave) children ages 4 and up.

My Review: Wolf is afraid of everything, especially his shadow. Not only is he afraid of it, but he is embarrassed that his friends will find out that he is such a scaredy-cat. The descriptions of the shadow are actually rather frightening themselves, “His shadow was big and black next to him. And every time that Wolf yawned, it showed its big teeth.” Wolf tries to get away from this monster by running and swimming away, but no luck. His shadow continues to follow him around. One day when all the little wolves are hiding from hunters, the sun comes up and wolve’s shadow creeps up on him and poor Wolf loses control. He runs trying to get away from his shadow, but toward the hunters. He is screaming about the black monster with huge teeth and the hunters take off. If this monster can scare a wolf, then we need to get out of here. Wolf realizes that his shadow can be a help to him in a time of crisis and all the wolves think he is a hero.

A wonderful story for children who have fears, feel embarrassed about themselves or just do not realize that they are as good as anyone else. The illustrations are large, well done and show wonderful emotions on the face of the wolf. This is a story of victory and overcoming your fears. A great book for a parent to read to their children as well as one for primary classrooms where there might be some issues with fears, teasing, acceptance etc. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.