Princess Lila Builds a Towerby Anne Paradis (author), Karina Dupuis (Illustrations)

Expected publication: May 16th 2017 by CrackBoom! Books

4 Stars

Princess Lila lives in a beautiful castle and has everything she could ever desire—well, almost. She yearns to venture beyond the forest, explore her country and meet people her own age. But the forest is off limits. Resourceful and ingenious, Princess Lila sets to work building a tower to catch a glimpse of the forbidden land. Thus begins a thrilling adventure: she becomes the manager of a vast construction project involving an impressive number of materials, obstacles and solutions. At last, with the help of the castle’s staff, she constructs a tower that extends above the trees. After the plucky princess takes matter into her own hands, will she find what she was looking for?

My Review: Princess Lila Builds a Tower is a cute story about a princess who had everything, except freedom to go outside her castle into the forest. Her father lets her plan, supervise and assist with the building of a tower to view beyond the forest. This book can be used in many ways with young children. It can be used for setting goals and working to accomplish them, teamwork and co-operation as well as a introduction to problem solving and recognizing that problems can have more than one solution. The illustrations were very well done. They were cute, simple and colourful, yet added so much to the story. You could see the various expressions on Lila’s face. This book is written for young children, but could be used in a classroom with primary and even junior aged children. I could definitely see it used, then have the children make their own towers using various craft and recycled items to make it sturdy and a certain height for a science lesson. A book that needs to be in every school library. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.