Mr. Postmouse Takes a Tripby Marianne Dubuc

Expected publication: April 4th 2017 by Kids Can Press

4.5 Stars

Synopsis: The post office is closed, and that means it’s time for Mr. Postmouse and his family to take a vacation. Of course, he’ll need to bring along a few parcels — ?a postmouse’s rounds are never done!? — as he and Mrs. Mouse, Milo, Lulu and Pip set off on an around-the-world tour. Doing whatever it takes to reach their destinations (including traveling by hot-air balloon, cruise ship and camel!), the intrepid mouse family treks from the forest to the sea, the desert to the ice field, finding adventure, new discoveries and animal friends at every far-flung stop. And all along the way, Mr. Postmouse never misses a delivery!
The pages of this humorous, playful follow-up to Mr. Postmouse’s Rounds from award-winning author and illustrator Marianne Dubuc overflow with clever details. The simple story of the mouse family’s trip is used to transport children from one fantastically imagined place to the next. Perfect for encouraging visual literacy, this picture book will delight readers and prereaders as they explore it again and again, searching the busy artwork for something new and unexpected, including the cross-section drawings that allow a peek inside the animals’ homes and the many stories-within-a-story appearing in every spread. The scenes provide a terrific introduction to the concepts of community and neighborhoods, as well as modes of transportation. This book would make a whimsical lead-in to a life science lesson on animals’ habitats, or to discussions about the world’s cultures and geography.

My Review: Mr. Postmouse and his family are off on a vacation. Even though they are on holiday, Mr. Postmouse is still delivering mail and packages. It is fun to watch the wagon empty as he does his deliveries. They visit all over the world and enjoy their activities they pursue along the way. From riding a camel, taking a dogsled or a hot air balloon, they travel in various ways. They visit all sorts of friends from bear to lizard, monkeys and dragons their homes are wonderful. I loved the cross sections in the volcano and cactus. Their activiites range from swimming, camping, hiking, fishing and more. The illustrations are imaginative and creative. They are so full of detail that they will have kids going back again and again to discover something new. The book encourages visual literacy which allows kids to invoke their own interpretations and storylines. As mentioned in the summary about the book, this could be used in so many ways. Learn about transportation, animal habitats, vacation locations and more. Just so much fun. Every family should have this book in their family library. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.