Death Crashes the Partyby Vickie Fee

Published December 29th 2015 by Kensington

5 Stars

Synopsis: In the quirky, close-knit town of Dixie, Tennessee, party planner Liv McKay has a knack for throwing Southern-style soirées, from diamonds-and-denim to black tie affairs, and her best friend Di Souther mixes a mean daiquiri. While planning a Moonshine and Magnolias bash for high maintenance clients, Liv inconveniently discovers a corpse in the freezer and turns her attention from fabulous fêtes to finding a murderer. Together, Liv and Di follow a trail of sinister secrets in their sweet little town that leads them from drug smugglers to a Civil War battlefield, and just when they think they’re whistling Dixie, Liv and Di will find themselves squarely in the crosshairs of the least likely killer of all. . .

My Review: This is the first book in the series “A Liv and Di in Dixie Mystery”. Liv and Di are best friends living in Dixie Tennessee and they are a force to be reckoned with. This was a fun, interesting mystery with just enough twists to keep me guessing.

Liv McKay owns Liv 4 Fun, a party planning business in Dixie Tennessee. Di, her best friend is a postal worker. They are more like sisters as they share everything with one another and give each other as good as she gets back. They are always there for one another and both plunge in to trouble without a thought. Liv is married to Larry Joe, who owns McKay trucking with his father, Daddy Wayne. Di is dating the sherriff, Dave.

IN this story Liv is busy planning an anniversary party for the Erdmans. When she checks out the freezer in the garage to store an ice sculpture, she finds a dead body and while falling back, stumbles over a second body in the garbage can. Of course she can’t just let this be. The rumour is that perhaps the fact that the brothers worked for her husband means he might be involved has her hopping. When Daddy Wayne is brought in for questioning after drugs are found in one of his trucks, she ramps up her nosing around. Di is right there with her, although she is a little more cautious and often advises Liv to talk to Dave. Suffice it to say, they end up putting themselves in danger, but only the next book will tell if this causes them to slow down in their crime investigating.

All the characters in this book were well written. Their personalities were shown and they were all just a bit quirky, living in this small Southern town. The relationships were real and you could identify with the frustrations of Liv and Di as well as understand their enthusiasm for “helping” to solve the case. The end of the book includes tips for throwing a party based on the ones described in the story. I definitely want to read the next on in this wonderful series. I recommend this book to any cozy mystery lover who likes a little fun in their read. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.