Miss You Like Crazyby Pamela Hall, Jennifer A. Bell (Illustrations)

Published April 15th 2014 by Tanglewood

5 Stars

Synopsis: Walnut and his mom agree that it would be fun if he could go to work with her, and they fantasize about the adventures they could share. Though it can’t always happen, Walnut’s mother assures him that he is always on her mind, and together they find ways to have a physical presence for each other when at work or school. This light-hearted story provides parents an opportunity to reassure children on their importance in busy parents’ lives.

My Review: As a parent who worked while her children were growing up, this book really touched me. Walnut is an adorable little fluffy-tailed squirrel who suddenly does not want to go to school. He is suffering from separation anxiety from his mom. Not only does he not want to go to school, but he does not want his mother to do to work. He can’t bear to face the days with her. His plaintive question, “Don’t you miss me all day?” tugs at her heart as well as the readers. Mom and Walnut use their imagination to go on all sorts of adventures together, until she tells him that she has to go back to work. She explains to him that she needs to work to pay rent on the den, buy his food and clothes etc. She then tells him that she has him at work with her and shows him the picture on her computer, desk, in the briefcase as well as in the locket around her neck to keep him close to her heart. She also assures him that 5:00 will be Walnut time, which he loves. She also gives him a picture to keep with him while he at school so they will always be connected.

This sweet charming story will warm your heart as you discover how this loving, creative mom assures her sensitive baby squirrel that she indeed is with him in spirit all through his days and always! This is a wonderful book to give to new parents as they ponder eventually returning to work and leaving their little one home. It will help the parents as well as the child as they deal with missing their parents. Every family would benefit from this book in their family library. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.