A Room with a Pew (A Lucille Mystery Book 4)by Peg Cochran

Published December 9th 2015 by Beyond the Page

4 Stars

Synopsis: Lucille Mazzarella is back, and this time she’s investigating the murder of her own poor cousin Louis. Tracking down a killer might lead the fifty-something housewife into the clutches of a Godfather she never wanted to meet.

When Lucille discovers the body of her cousin Louis in the church parking lot, her first thought is that he may have skipped one service too many, but when the cops shock her with the news that Louis was killed by a professional hit man, she realizes the Almighty had nothing to do with the deed.

Even more shocking is the discovery that the victim, who never had a penny to his name, had socked away a huge wad of cash. As Lucille and her best friend Flo follow the money trail, it leads them from a seedy strip joint to a high-stakes gambling ring and all the way to the mob.

As the thugs close in and threaten to end Lucille’s detecting days for good, she’s tempted to give in to the most dangerous crooks she’s ever faced, but then she remembers she’s got a little family thing of her own that means more.

My Review: This is the fourth book in the Lucille Mystery series, but the first I have read. I will need to go back and read the others. I laughed a lot while reading this book. It reminds me of the Stephanie Plum books with an older cast. Lucille and her best friend Flo are such funny characters that the reader will wish they were hanging out with them. I am not catholic so am not sure about all the patron saints mentioned but there are a lot. And you will love the infamous Mediterranean diet.

The mystery involves the death of cousin Louis. Lucille is not sure if he was killed by the daughter of the woman he was romancing from the nursing home or possibly due to mob connections, money laundering, gambling and of course, The Napoleon Club. You will laugh when Lucille shows up for a job interview at the Na”pole”on club. Her family are a hoot as well, and they are fun to get to know. Lucille works at the church and it also fits in to her adventures. A policeman in the family as well as Flo’s boyfriend being on the force is always sure to have one of them involved in her adventures. Don’t miss out on this side-splitting adventure! A great book for those who like a light-hearted mystery with a few laughs. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via netgalley.