Author Beth Amos

Beth Amos, who is also published under the pseudonyms of Annelise Ryan and Allyson K. Abbott.  Beth has enjoyed a varied writing career that included a stint as a book reviewer and several years of nonfiction freelancing. Now she writes only fiction, and in stark contrast to her “day job” as an ER nurse, where she gets to save lives, the one common factor in her fiction, no matter what name it’s written under, is that someone always dies. As Allyson K. Abbott she writes a mystery series featuring bar owner, Mack Dalton, who uses her neurological disorder, synesthesia, to help solve crimes. This series is also published by Kensington Books.

Murder on the Rocks (Mack's Bar Mystery, #1) Murder with a Twist (Mack's Bar Mystery, #2) In the Drink (Mack's Bar Mystery, #3) Shots in the Dark (Mack's Bar Mystery, #4)