The Book of Kringle: Legend of the North Pole

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by Derek Velez Partridge, Mary Packard, David Wenzel (Illustrations)

Published by Vista Clara Productions

5 Stars

An Interview with the author: Derek Velez Partridge

What was the inspiration behind the book?
The inspiration behind the book came when I wrote a poem around the age of 17 called Old Man Joe. I started writing rhymes and poetry at 16, but back then they were all about self analysis and the very first character that came out of me was OLD MAN. In the poem, he went through the huge effort to climb to the top a mountain just so that he would fully appreciate the sunset. I started to think what kind of man would do such a thing and what he would look like. I came to the idea that Santa Claus would be a warrior—a warrior of the heart. He struck me as the kind of man who would break any rule to find true joy and go even further to share it.

Why is it important for kids to approach new experience with a positive attitude? 

Life is filled with struggle and once overcome, the amazing feeling of contentment appears. It’s important that we prepare our children to know that after the struggle and challenges, there will be a new beginning. To be positive is know you’re never stuck.

How can parents help their kids of a positive, yet realistic, outlook?

It’s important that children know they have something unique about them. It’s not to be compared to anyone else—it’s something that is all theirs. It could be any characteristic, a point of view, physical skill, or simply the ability to love. Being realistic is the point. It should be tangible and obvious. It’s there, every person has something unique about them and it needs to be reinforced because once it’s developed, it will only benefit the child’s life.

Derek Velez Partridge was first inspired to pen The Book of Kringle – Legend of the North Pole at sixteen-years-old when he wrote a poem titled “Old Man Joe.” Partridge has been a professional artist for many years, getting his start as a clay potter while living with Pablo Indians in New Mexico. He has made two feature films and is currently in preproduction of a new film called The Devil That Is, story by Edwin Torres, the New York Supreme Court Judge known for Carltio’s Way. Partridge is the father of three daughters aged 11, 14 and 16, to whom he dedicates The Book of Kringle.

For more information, please visit the book’s website, as well as the Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Goodreads pages. The Book of Kringle – Legend of the North Pole is now available on the book’s website, as well as Amazon and iBooks.

Synopsis: In a magical land on top of the world, an epic struggle between light and darkness was waged between two brothers. King Kringle ruled with a harsh hand over the Elves of the North Pole, allowing no laughter, no play and no Christmas celebration. There was only one truly kindhearted soul who could make a difference and change the course of the world. Would the Elves be able to find Santa and bring laughter and joy to the land? Manusol the Elf knows the answer, for it is written in The Book of Kringle.

My Review: This is an absolutely visually stunning book. The illustrations are gorgeous, full-page, colourful and children can spend a lot of time exploring them. The story is short and cute. It takes place in the North Pole where a greedy king is making the elves mine crystals so he can sell them and get rich. His brother, is happy, light-hearted, loving, everything his brother is not. When King Kringle decrees there will be no more Christmas, Manusol the elf steps in and comes up with a plan. When the kings brother and the elves team up, nothing can stop them. This is a magical tale about the spirit of Christmas. This book can easily become a family favourite at the holidays. My grandson loved the illustrations and kept finding things in them to show me. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.