30220489by Nadia Ali (Author), Jake Tebbits (Illustrations)

Expected publication: October 31st 2016 by Star Bright Books

4 Stars

Synopsis: Prepare to set sail for the adventure of a lifetime as the fierce Captain Jake discovers a treasure map that leads him and his pirate crew (and parrot, too) right to the…library. Ms. Benitez, the librarian, welcomes the pirates to the library-as long as they behave!-and the search is on for the treasure promised to be hidden within the library. It’s not too long before all the pirates (and the parrot, too) are captivated by the jewels they find on the bookshelves. Now the dilemma is how to get all the newfound treasure back to the pirate ship? Readers will be eager to set course for their own libraries after following Captain Jake through his library adventure. The map of the Dread Pirate Dewey decorates the end papers leading library users through the Dewey Decimal system making this book a valuable learning tool for parents, teachers, and librarians.

My Review: What a cute idea. The Dread Pirate Dewey (Librarian Ms. Benitez) has drawn up a treasure map with the library containing the treasure. When a storm blows some of the maps out the window of the library, they land in the face of Captain Jake. He takes his crew ashore and they head to the library to find the treasure of Pirate Dewey. What they find, of course, is the treasure held within the covers of books. Most people do not know much about the Dewey Decimal system as it is easier to search of a book using the internet, but it is a great idea. The treasure map shows the compass rose with all the sections of the dewey system and the back of the book lists them and what types of books you would find in each area. What a great book to use in a school library to teach children how to use the library to their best advantage. The illustrations are cute watercolour pictures that are fun and not scary pirates at all. This book should be in all school libraries. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.