by TinaThe Home-alone Kitten Nolan

Published March 10th 2016 by Stripes Publishing

4 Stars

Synopsis: Abandoned, lost, neglected? There’s always a home at Animal Magic!
In a perfect world there’d be no need for Animal Magic Rescue Centre. But Eva and Karl Harrison, who live at the centre with their parents, know that life isn’t perfect. Every day there’s a new arrival in need of their help.
When soccer star Jake Adams cancels his appearance at Animal Magic’s Open Day, Eva turns detective. But when she arrives at Jake’s house all she finds is his ginger kitten, Charlie, locked out and miaowing on the doorstep…!
Heart-warming animal stories, perfect for fans of Holly Webb and Magical Animal Friends.

My Review: Unfortunately in our world today, there are always abandoned and unwanted animals. In this story, the Harrison family run the Animal Magic Rescue Centre on their property. It is their anniversary and they are having a celebration and open house. They are hoping to raise money and adopt out animals. They accept all kinds of animals; dogs, cats, rabbits, horses etc. Recently, their neighbour has started a crusade to get them shut down. She does not like the noise and complains that they cause too much traffic. When a soccer star who was supposed to be their special guest cancels at the last minute, Eva and Caleb head over to his house to see if they can convince him to still participate, or at least find out what happens.

This is a cute story about animal lovers and what they can do to help homeless and abandoned animals. It also teaches about animal owner responsibilities in a very easy to understand way. Children will enjoy this book. The illustrations are black and white drawings and spread out throughout the book, but there are enough to keep the reader interested. The chapters are divided out nicely and an early chapter reader will find this book easy to read. I would recommend this book to school and primary/junior classroom libraries.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.