A Gefilte Fishy Taleby Allison Marks (Author), Wayne Marks, Renee Andriani (Illustrations)

Published August 28th 2016 by MB Publishing

4.5 Stars

Synopsis: It’s Friday morning and, as usual, Bubbe Judy has brought home a giant jar of gefilte fish-her grandson Jack’s favorite dish-for the family’s Shabbos meal. But something is wrong: the lid is stuck. Oy! That’s when the excitement begins! Bubbe, Zayde, and Jack-along with their dog, Butterscotch-schlep the jar all over town, seeking assistance from a dentist, a bodybuilder, an inventor, and other friends. But no one can unscrew that lid. Such tsuris! When aunts, uncles, and cousins arrive for dinner, they try to help, too. Giggles and groans fill the air as everyone takes a turn. Will that lid ever pop off? Find out in this humorous gefilte fishy tale, lightly sprinkled with Yiddish. More fun is inside: A recipe for delicious gefilte fish mini muffins A new song for Shabbos A Yiddish-English glossary for the whole mishpocha”

My Review: An adorable book for young children everywhere, Jewish or not. Yes, it deals with a dish the grandmother is trying to prepare for the Shabbot and yes, there are yiddish words included (and a glossary at the beginning) but besides that, it does not prostheletize. This is a great book with brightly colored pages and a rhyming story about trying to get the lid off the jar of gefilte fish. The whole family and community try to solve the problem and get the lid off to no avail.

Bubbe (Grandmother) Judy is preparing the Shabbos meal. Jake, her grandson loves gefilte fish, it is his favourite so Bubbe must prepare it. When she can not get the lid off the jar, she needs help. Antics ensue as Bubbe and Zayde (Grandfather) work together to try and remove the lid. When they can not get it off, they seek help from others in the community. The plumber, the dentist, the doctor and even their friend a wacky inventor can not get the lid off. When the family comes over for dinner and the lid still isn’t off, so they all try. It is not until Jake says, “Please” does the lid pop off on its own.

As was mentioned by a previous reviewer, it is nice to see the grandparents are not old and grey-haired. There are many young grandparents (I am one of them) and this is more in keeping with what many children will be familiar with. The illustrations are great in this story. They are bright, colourful and fun to look at. It will be fun for the children reading/listening to this story to find Jake and his dog on each page. They are always there fooling around and having fun. Another way to get children talking about what they read.

I wold recommend this book to school and public libraries. It could be used to teach about rhyme, holidays, communities etc.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.