Friendly Fire (Jonathan Grave #8)by John Gilstrap

Published June 28th 2016 by Pinnacle (Kensington)

4.5 Stars

Synopsis: It begins with a shocking act of vengeance. Barista Ethan Falk chases a customer into the parking lot and kills him. He tells police that years ago the older man abducted and tortured him. Then Ethan’s story takes an even stranger turn: he says he was rescued by a guy named Scorpion. Of course, there is no record of either the kidnapping or the rescue, because Scorpion—Jonathan Grave—operates outside the law and leaves no evidence.

As Grave struggles to find a way to defend his former precious cargo without blowing his cover, he learns the dead man has secrets that trace to an ongoing terrorist plot against the heart of America. It’s up to Grave and his team to stop it. But first they must rescue Ethan Falk—a second time.

My Review: I have not read any of John Gilstrap’s previous novels, but Friendly Fire will not be my last. I have not read a thriller/mercenary/terrorist book in a while and when I was invited to read this one, I though I would give it a go. I was not disappointed. Scorpion (Jonathan “Digger” Graves) and Big Guy (Boxers) are very engaging characters. They are intense yet have a sense of humor. This book kept me interested and I wanted to find out how all the various storylines fit together at the end.

Having said all that, I do not want to rehash the synopsis of the book given by the publisher. I will say that there are various plotlines going on in the story. Ethan Falk, a 22 year old barista, murders the man that kidnapped him and violated him 11 years earlier. He had been rescued by Scorpion and Big Guy. When he tries to tell people why he murdered the man, no one will believe him as there is no record of this ever happening. Meanwhile the second storyline is about the mercenary team and their rescues. In the story they make a rescue of a young girl and do not hesitate to kill the kidnappers. The FBI is involved in their lives and knows who they are and what they do. The third plotline is the local homegrown terrorist cell “Al Amin” and what they are doing and planning. Believe it or not, all this comes together in an explosive ending that keeps you on the edge of your seat. All in all, a good read that I was happy with. I highly recommend this book to readers of thrillers, political thrillers, and mercenaries.

Thank you to Kensington and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book. It did not affect my review or rating.