Truth in Sight (Cici: a fairy's tale, #2) by Cori Doerrfeld, Illustrations by Tyler Page

Published August 1st 2016 by Graphic Universe

4 Stars

Synopsis: Cici’s only joking when she uses her powers to play a trick on the popular girl at school. But the changes Cici jokingly made to her classmate will last forever if she doesn’t learn to see the best in people.

My Review: This is a cute graphic novel about Cici, a young girl who also happens to be a fairy. One fairy power that she has is that she sees people differently. She sees them the way she feels about them, her mother is an octopus and sometimes a witch, her father is a bear, the popular girls at school are chickens and so on. When she uses her powers and destroys the doll belonging to a girl at school who she thinks is a princess, as well as making her ugly, her Abuela explains to her about making good choices and not being mean or evil. Cici learns from her mistake and makes a new friend in the process. The graphics are fun, colourful and easy to see detail, perfect for younger readers.

This is a great book for early readers (gr. 2 – 4), especially girls.