Murder under the coveredby Elizabeth Perona

Published July 8th 2016 by Midnight Ink

4 Stars

Synopsis: Working on a television taping to promote the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival, the ladies decide to use their access to the Roseville Bridge to cross an item off Charlotte’s bucket list: #39) Be a Sexy Calendar Girl. But the photo shoot is interrupted by gunshots and Francine’s cousin William stumbling down the riverbank followed by a man with a gun. William sustains life-threatening injuries, but is it homicide?

Francine and Charlotte go into detective mode to uncover the secret William knew about the shooter. Their success, however, depends on surviving two arson events, a séance, a shortage of Mary Ruth’s wildly popular corn fritter donuts, memory-challenged nursing home residents, and a killer who refuses to go up in flames.

My Review: This is the second book in “A Bucket List Mystery”. I did not read the first one and I would recommend to anyone starting this series, to read the first one before this one. It took me a while to figure out all the characters, their relationships and the constant references to “The Skinny Dipping Grandmas”. Once I got into the story, it was quite enjoyable.

The group of ladies from the bridge club all have bucket lists with 60 things. While fulfilling one of them, making a risque calendar, the group is shot at on the Rockbridge Covered Bridge. After seeing a man tumble down the embankment and becoming unconcious, Jonathan, Francine’s husband hold the man’s head out of the rising creek so he will not drown. When the police arrive, they question the ladies before letting them leave. One of the group, Mary Ruth, is a caterer of pastries and is running a truck at the Covered Bridge Festival. While trying to assist Mary Ruth, the group also tries to uncover the mystery of the injured man, the gunshots and the symbols on the bridge. When arsons begin to occur around places the ladies have been, their investigation picks up.

I really like the relationships between these ladies. They support each other, tease one another, help when help is needed and keep each other on their toes. They are true friends that respect one another. There was a little twist that I was not expecting at the end of the book which I am not sure whether I liked it or not and for that reason, I only gave this book 4 stars instead of 5. I am definitely going to find the first one in this series to read about what I missed. A good read for cozy mystery lovers.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.