extreme Prey

by John Sandford

4.5 Stars

Publisher: After the events in Gathering Prey, Lucas Davenport finds himself in a very unusual situation—no longer employed by the Minnesota BCA. His friend the governor is just cranking up a presidential campaign, though, and he invites Lucas to come along as part of his campaign staff. “Should be fun!” he says, and it kind of is—until they find they have a shadow: an armed man intent on killing the governor . . . and anyone who gets in the way.

My Review: I need to catch up on the Prey novels. I read many of them, but this one has definitely piqued my interest to find out what has happened over the last few. I really liked this one and I think the author is still going strong with this series. He is changing up the characters, their relationships, jobs etc. to keep it fresh. With all those changes, one thing that stays the same is that there are smart bad guys, but an even smarter Lucas Davenport and friends that can chase them down.

Lucas Davenport is no longer a cop. He got fed up with certain elements of that job as a state investigator in Minnesota (too political, some a…holes) so he quit but when a political candidate running for President is threatened, he is brought in as a special advisor. The governor of Minnesota is running in the primaries and he got a bad vibe off some people he met on the campaign trail in Iowa. He fears that some whackos are not just supporting him, but are going to kill his leading opponent, Michaela Bowden. They contact Lucas and want him in Iowa ASAP. Using his longtime friends, he manages to get information even though he is no longer privy to police information. He catches up with some fringe, radical political groups, who are often more bark than bite, but not all the members are the same way. A few of them want action now. These characters are willing to do anything to stop the candidate they feel will be detrimental to their beliefs. Can Lucas figure out who is behind this plot? Is there really a plot?

This book follows the standard formula of the Prey novels in giving us the parallel stories of Lucas and the people he’s hunting. This time the villains are a middle aged woman and her son whose past problems as farmers have convinced them that Bowden is part of a system that has been deliberately keeping them down. Throw in the fact that the son was in Iraq and has some sort of PTSD or brain injury and you have a follower who has some skills. When they learn that Davenport is trying to find them they desperately try to divert and stall him until they can pull off their plan, and their methods include murder.

This is another great addition to the Prey Series. If you like John Sandford, you will love this book. If you like police thrillers, some conspiracy thrown in, you will also love this book.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.