by Lisa M. Hendey, Jenn Bower (Illustrations)
Publisher: Somebody is angry, and they’re taking it out on St. Anne’s.
Patrick and his twin sister Katie are shocked when they learn that someone threw a brick through the St. Francis of Assisi stained glass window at St. Anne’s. What would make someone angry enough to damage the beautiful old window? And how will the church ever be able to repair it? The twins want to investigate, but before Patrick can learn anything, he’s swept into another adventure—in the year 1205! Patrick’s second Chime Travel journey takes him back to Assisi, where he meets a brave young man who wants to leave his family’s wealth behind so he can answer God’s call in his life. Young Francis invites Patrick to help him repair an old church, but Francis’s father is furious with his son’s decision and will do almost anything to stop him. Can Francis and Patrick follow God’s command to rebuild the church? And will Patrick’s time in Assisi help him solve the mystery of the broken window at St. Anne’s?
My Review: 4 Stars 
This is the third book in the Chime Travellers series. I liked this one better than the first two. In this story, the children take their animals to school for the blessing of the animals. Peter, a classmate of the twins, seems to be angry about something. On the weekend when Patrick, Katie and their family go to St. Anne’s church to help with the clean up, they are shocked to see that the stained glass window commemorating St. Francis of Assisi was broken and a brick was found to have been thrown through it. When Patrick is cleaning up the glass, the bells begin to ring and suddenly, Patrick is in Italy where he meets up with Francis. As he spends time with him, he learns about his love for the poor and sick. When Francis has to hide from his angry father, he and Patrick go and live in a leper colony. When they leave the colony, they start to rebuild a chapel. Once Patrick learns Francis’ message that to fix the chapel, you also have to fix the people as well, he ends up back home in the present. Patrick realized that he needs to help Peter deal with his anger and find out what the cause of his anger really is. Some great messages in this book. This would be a good book to have in a library of a Catholic or Christian School or in a library at a church. The illustrations are simple but add to the story.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.