by Lisa M. Hendey (Author), Jenn Bower (Illustrator)
Publisher: In this exciting new installment in the popular Chime Traveler series for elementary students, Patrick and Katie Brady are introduced to an immigrant family who recently arrived at St. Anne’s Parish. A tinkling bell transports the twins to first-century Bethlehem, where they meet the Holy Family—and come to understand what it is like to be a “stranger at the manger.” This unique retelling of the Christmas story will help children grow in faith and compassion. Illustrations by Jenn Bower.
My Review: 4 stars 
This is the newest book in the Chime Travellers series. Once again the Brady family is helping out with church clean up. They are getting everything ready for Christmas when the choir begins playing some bells during practice. When they realize that for the first time they appear to be Chime Travelling together, they find themselves on the road to Bethlehem where they meet Mary, Joseph and their donkey. This is a story that is well known to all, Christians and non-Christians alike. Of course there is a twist here with the arrival of Patrick and Katie, but the important points are all there. At one point Katie points out to Patrick that they know what happens in the story, but he states that being there makes it feel more intense. That is so true, to have been able to actually gaze on the baby Jesus would have been an experience that would not compare to anything else in your life.
Each of the books in the series uses a biblical story to teach a lesson. This one is about welcoming people who are alone in a new place and trying to make them feel welcome and less alone and scared. This would be a good book to have in a library of a Catholic or Christian School or in a library at a church. The illustrations are simple but add to the story.

I received a copy of this book from in exchange for an honest review.