by Lisa M. Hendey (Goodreads Author)

Publisher: If there’s one thing Katie never thought she’d do, it was walk through something called the “Door of the Dead.”
During a class field trip to visit the monastery of the Poor Clares, Katie is unexpectedly swept up into her second Chime Travelers adventure. She finds herself in Assisi, the same city where her twin brother Patrick met St. Francis of Assisi on his last journey through time. Instead of meeting St. Francis, Katie meets a young woman named Clare. Clare has everything—she’s beautiful, her family is wealthy, and she is to be married soon. Katie discovers that Clare also has a secret: she wants to leave everything behind and join Francis and his brothers in service to God. But Clare’s family doesn’t want her to go. On the night she leaves, Clare and Katie must run through the darkness and escape through a door only used for funerals, the Door of the Dead. Has Clare made a mistake? Is God really calling her to leave everything she knows behind? And should Katie go with her on this dangerous adventure?
My Review: 4 stars 
In this fourth Chime Travelers book, Patrick and Katie are planning their birthday party. They need new clothes, new electronics and a Katie wants to treat her friends to a day at the salon. Their parents are not happy and want to discuss their plans. Meanwhile for Vocational Day at the School, the boys are visiting the brothers and the girls are visiting the sisters. The girls are not impressed with the Sisters of Clare. They do not like all the praying, the silence or the hard work. When Katie is asked if she wants to ring the bell to call the sisters to prayers, she Chime Travels. She ends up in Italy and meets Clare. Clare takes her home to meet her family and tells Katie that her father wants her to get married to a rich man. She does not want to get married, in fact she wants to go and live with Brother Francis. When Clare and Katie sneak out of the house to meet up with Brother Francis, her father sends out men to find them and bring her back. Brother Francis sends her to hide and eventually, she ends up living with the sisters. When her sister joins her, her father is even more upset and sends soldiers to get them, but they are unable to carry out the request due to divine intervention. When Katie learns about the power of prayer and sacrifice from Clare, she returns home. She and Patrick talk about her “mission” they change their plans for their party. They teach their friends what they learned through their actions. This is a story that mixes some Christian teaching with some adventure. This would be a good book to have in a library of a Catholic or Chrisian School or in a library at a church. The illustrations are simple but add to the story.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.